Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Q1 Race Schedule = Pure Insanity

Well - looks like we have some updates to the ol' Q1 race schedule - some on purpose, some outside of my control. Updates are in red.

I was recently updating my calendar o' races and Oh. My. God. I am pretty certain I have lost all semblence of sanity when it comes to this whole running thing. Seriously, for someone who hates running as much as I do - I certainly plan to do a whole heck of a lot of it over the next couple of months. The list below includes races for which I have already registered as well as those for which I plan to register and run. It's a good thing I have the team - and, soon to be fellow bloggers, Pam and Jill to be crazy with me!

2/19 - Martha's Vineyard 20-miler

2/27 - Hyannis Half Marathon (1/3 in a series that gets me a fancy "I ran all 3 Half Marathons" jacket)

3/5 - Irish 5K (1/3 in a series that gets me a fancy "I ran all 3 5K's" long sleeve tech-shirt. aka "Tour de Patrick")

3/6 - Black Cat 20-mile Relay (thank goodness for relays!) - This one's out. We decided, as a team, to eliminate this for a variety of reasons. Maybe next year.

3/13 - Celtic 5K (2/3 of the Tour de Patrick)

3/19 - St. Pat's 5K (3/3 of the Tour de Patrick - and yes, this will be run on the way down to NYC for the next day's race)

3/20 - NYC Half Marathon

3/27 - Eastern States 20-Miler/Half Marathon - The team is still keeping this as an option, but I can no longer participate because of a family commitment. I will find something to replace it.

4/3 - Portland (ME) Half Marathon - The race organizers moved this silly race again and we can no longer participate. FOOLS! Again, maybe next year.

Here's hoping for an injury-free Q1-2011!

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  1. And I thought my race schedule was a little crazy! Good luck and hope that you stay injury free!